Whit this Extra Virgin Olive Oil we would like to communicate the emotions we feel while picking the olives in our most ancient olive grove. These trees have survived the changing seasons and the passage of time, but still, give us a product as real and genuine as it was a thousand years ago. Most of the olive trees of this extraordinary olive grove are San Felice, a kind of olive tree native to our area.

Kind of Extra Virgin Olive Oil : Single olive groove
Average age of olive trees: centenarian trees. Average altitude: 450 meters above sea level
Type of soil: mainly stony soil.
Olives varieties: Moraiolo and San Felice (this one is an autochthonous cultivar from Giano dell’Umbria). Care of the trees:  hand pruning, soil treatment with pruning leftover and organic fertilizing. Harvest time: first week of October. Harvesting technique: handpicking. Healthy olives are placed in small crates and they are quickly carried to our frantoio to be cold pressed.

Organoleptic features: The color is green with golden tinges. Wild herbs and slightly artichoke aroma. Medium piquancy.

Combinations:Use raw on vegetables and fish grilled.

Acidity level: 0.15% at bottling. Peroxide number: 7.10 at bottling. Storage temperature: 10-14°C.

Number of bottles produced: 3000 of 250 ml size, only in great vintages.

olio campo