montefalco-passitobig come abbinare argo

Type: Passito Raisin Wine.

Blend of grapes: 100% Sagrantino.

Vinification and Aging:

The best bunches are laid over grates in a sheltered and naturally ventilated area to permit drying until December. 100 kg of grape provides 30-35 liters of raisin wine. It is a very precious wine. Aging: in barrels for 12 months.

Organoleptic features:

“Once, all Sagrantino was sweet, the symbol of hospitality for honored guests, a delight at the end of meals on special occasions, the joy of a moment. Today, the raisin wine survives the fame and extraordinary success of the dry version and is proposed as a nectar that recalls cherry, petals of wilted flowers and ground coffee. Velvety warm to  the palate, it surrenders all its roughness to a velvety, exquisite, even  rare drink.”  Pierpaolo Rastelli


Dry pastry. White chocolate. Our gramothers used to pair it with fowl in salmì.

Serving temperature: 14°C-16°C.

Bottle size: 500 ml.
We produce 2000 bottles of it, only in the greatest vintages.



il vero sagrantino passito

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Ho bevuto questo vino durante il concerto di Umbria Jazz durante l'Expo! Mi hanno detto sarà anche al GATE Umbria presso lo spazio ADI via Paolo Sarpi a Milano. Da non perdere!!

Just two words!

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Simply amazing!

Red velvet

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Deep red, at the nose marasca accompanied by roses. Velvet in the mouth, with tannic mass that balances the sugar.